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Fish Processing

Are you a fish processor? If you are in the market for fish processing equipment and you own a fish processing plant, then our Kofal® freezer pan will be your best piece of fish processing equipment in your entire fish processing plant.

From herring to whole salmon, our blast freezer pans will fit your fish freezing requirements with five sizes to choose from. Also, with our new state of the art tool making capacity, we can custom mold a Kofal® freezer pan for your blast freezers, and accommodate orders of all sizes. Our manufacturing facility awaits your order. We take special care to custom make freezer pans exactly tailored to your need!

Freezing fish has been around for 100 years but the problem has always been fish sticking to the metal freezer pans. Our unique Kofal® plastic will not stick to anything, and will release your frozen fish product by just flipping it over like a giant ice cube tray.

Hundreds of fish processing plants stretching from Chile to the tip of Alaska have extensively used our patented Kofal® freezer pans in their blast freezers for more than 20 years straight! These plastic blast freezer pans can be taken to minus forty degrees in your blast freezer with an expected life span of ten years plus. We believe that you will consider these blast freezer pans your best piece of fish processing equipment bar-non

If you’re fish processing with metal freezer pans, look no further to the solution of quick release and increased productivity. Our blast freezer pans freeze fish faster than any metal pans - period.

Benefits of Kofal® Blast Freezer Pans

Kofal® blast freezer pans won’t chip, dent, rust, or bend in any way. Compare our Kofal® freezer pans to metal freezing pans, which require that the metal pan itself must be frozen before the fish can start to freeze. This is not so with Kofal® freezer pans. Blast freezing fish involves an extraction of heat in order to get it to the minus twenty to forty degrees. When you use Kofal® blast freezer pans, you don’t have to waste precious time and resources freezing the pans first! Once in the freezer, the fish itself is extracting heat and not the pans. We will match any metal pan against freezer times in any blast freezer!


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