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On Blast Freezers and Improving the Efficiency of Blast Freezing
by Patrick J. Mitchell, Inventor

Blast freezers unlike plate freezers rely on the extraction of heat from their product without the benefit of a metal freezer pan. Plate freezers pull the heat through the pan to create their freezer times and they must first freeze the pans, before they can freeze the fish. Blast freezers on the other hand work on the wind chill principle at 28 miles per hour, within compartment blast freezers.

Blaster freezers as a group really do not want metal pans slowing down their process. Metal freezer pans are a glut on energy in a blast freezer environment and offer much slower freeze times compared to Kofal® blast freezer pans.

Fish processing plants that are land-based or sea-based, have long known that a high turnover of fish being frozen in-and-out of the freezer is crucial. An extra hour or two in the blast freezer is slowing down production, and doesn’t make an efficient fish processing plant. When you compare other fish processing equipment - Kofal® blast freezer pans - to metal freezer pans, the cost per pan is roughly one half the price of metal freezer pans. (This is not to mention a decrease in productivity and a waste in energy costs that metal freezer pans incur.) So not only are you getting much faster freezer times, you are also getting longer lasting freezer pans. You get this all at half the investment of metal freezer pans that have a life expectancy of maybe three years, compared to ten years plus, with Kofal® plastic freezer pans.

If you’re in charge of the purchasing of fish processing equipment, you owe it to yourself to test Kofal® freezer pans in a day-in-day-out fish processing plant. The choice is clear - after your tests, we believe that you will conclude that metal freezer pans will be obsolete pieces of fish processing equipment and have no use in processing frozen fish!

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